About Us


In view of the singular importance of the petroleum sector in the country's overall development and emerging need for technology inputs, Bin Hamoodah decided in 1972 to establish a new, 100% local company called Gulf Automation Services and Oilfield Supplies [GASOS]. This company was formed with a view to serve as a focal point for providing requisite technology and services to the oil and gas sector. GASOS has since provided many pioneering services to the oil and gas industry. First, through sponsorship of world renowned oil service companies; second by marketing oilfield related equipment and services and last by introduction of fire-fighting, safety and protection related equipment and services. Small wonder, therefore, that the GASOS name has now become synonymous with both the current and future projects in the UAE.

This position of eminence and reputation has been achieved mainly due to the vision of the Bin Hamoodah family as well as their firm commitment to invest GASOS with the same qualities of integrity, reliability and service for which the family name has since long been renowned.