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In the early eighties, as Dubai was developing to be a major trading hub between Europe, Far East and Africa, GASOS decided to set up a base in the city. The Dubai branch of the company called GASOS Bin Hamoodah was set up in 1984 to provide professional and focused service to clients in the region. The branch caters to clients in Dubai and the UAE's Northern Emirates and also handles export enquires from other Gulf countries and Africa. GASOS is a major supplier of equipment and spares to various organizations in Kuwait, Oman and Several African countries.



Contact Our Team:


Arshad Ullah Kidwai, Base Manager
Mobile: +971-50-6215035
Royden Lobo, Deputy Sales Manager
Mobile: +971-50-8131950
Faizal Abdulla, Operations Supervisor
Mobile: +971-50-5641431
Muhammad Razick, Sales Coordinator
Mobile: +971-50-6564720